IRIS USA Lightweight and Portable Carpet Cleaner Machine, White


About this item

  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: At 9.76″×5.75″×12.28″ and weighing just under 6 lbs, this unit is light and highly portable, so you can wash fabric anywhere you need. It is easy to carry it around the living room, kids/ babies rooms, up the stairs, and to your car as well. The compact design makes it easy to store anywhere.
  • VERSATILE: Can be used on most fabric surfaces such as car seats, couches, carpets, pet pads, etc.
  • NO DETERGENTS OR CHEMICALS NECESSARY: The Spot Cleaner washes fabric using just water and the built-in brush. Safe for use around pets and babies. With 11.3 kPa the small-but-powerful Carpet Cleaner sucks up most messes.
  • SAVE YOUR MONEY: Why pay hundreds of dollars for a cleaning service, when you can detail your car interior, clean couches/carpets, and more with just one machine?

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